Milling inserts for hardened steel, stainless steel

APKT Milling inserts are generally used in CNC machining centers, CNC engraving machines. It is also used in a conventional milling machine to process some hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials. Divided into standard and extended. Generally, the lengthening knife of the same diameter is more expensive than the standard length.
It can be used in tool steel, alloy steel, pre-hardened die steel, another high-hardness machining, edge ball end mills, and is widely used for profiling. The surface roughness of the processed workpiece is good. High heat resistance coating for high-speed machining. 280/480 material to be cut; carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, copper alloy, 500/600 material to be cut: hardened steel, stainless steel, processing hardness: HRC50/55/60/65-68. The product uses high-quality carbide and the latest technology, so it has good cutting performance and durability. For various materials such as steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc.,

The structure of the milling insert is divided into four types:

  • Integral: the body and the cutter are made in one piece. 
  • Integral welding tooth type: the cutter teeth are made of cemented carbide or other wear-resistant tool materials and brazed on the cutter body. 
  • Inlay type: The cutter teeth are fastened to the cutter body by mechanical clamping. The replaceable teeth can be either the cutter head of the overall tool material or the welding tool material's cutter head. The milling cutter with the cutter head mounted on the cutter body is called the internal sharpening type; the cutter head is separately sharpened on the clamp, which is called the external sharpening type. 
  • Indexable types (see indexable tool): This structure has been widely used in face milling cutters, end mills, and three-sided milling cutters.



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