Aluminum Insert

Aluminum Insert

Aluminum Inserts Specification: 

Material: Aluminum alloy
Hardness: 83-93HRA
Usage: External Turning Tool
HS Code: 820810(1900)
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Cutting Condition: High Precision Finishing Cutting
Advantage: High cutting Performance, thermal stability, high wear resistance
Packing: 10pcs per plastic box, master carton packaged

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What is the feature of the aluminum insert?

  1. Used for continuously and discontinuously cutting for reflective, birmasil(Si<12%)
  2.  It can minimize built-up edge and get a good finished surface in a wide range of cutting speed with little cutting resistance.
  3. Superfine particle substrate to ensure the wear resistance and microcrack resistance of the blade, uncoated grade,and surface polishing treatment can reduce built-up edge to obtain a good surface quality of the workpiece.

Aluminum Insert Types:

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