Carbide threading inserts

Carbide Threading Inserts

Carbide Threading Insert Specification:

Coating: PVD, CVD
Material: 100% Tungsten carbide material 
Hardness: 91.0-93.5HRC
ISO Grade: P10-P30,M10-M30,K10-K30
Usage: External Threading Insertsl
HS Code: 820810(1900)
Application: Finishing/Semi-finishing/Rough processing
Packing: 10 pieces per plastic box, protect by stretch wrapping film and bubble paper, 
shipment by carton in good condition.

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What is the Carbide Threading Inserts?

1. For general cutting, interrupted cutting and roughing operations in steel and stainless steel
2. Combing excellent fracture resistance substrate with chipping resistance and heat resistance.
3. Keep improving quality leading: Not easy to stick knife, durable, row quick cutting, good finish.
4. Wide range of processing: Alloy steel, Tool steel, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Cast iron.
5. Multipurpose Grade -Suitable for steel, hardened steel up to 55 HRc, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys,
and non-ferrous metals at low and high cutting speed.

Carbide Threading Insert Types:

ISO Metric Thread / General Thread / Whitworth Thread / Unified Thread (American Standard Threads)11ER/16ER/AG60/AG55/0.5-3.5

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