Wire Stripping Machine Blades

Wire Stripping Blade

Wire Stripping Blade Feature:

Application: Electronic, Industry.
Blade Material: High speed steel or Tungsten Carbide
Blade Precision: +/- 0.005mm
Blade Shape: V Type
OEM: Yes, Customized

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Why use the Carbide Wire Stripping Blade to work on electrical cable cutting?

  1. Due to the processing of wire is very high hardness and wire stripping machine is working extremely fast.
  2. Wire stripping blades need to be entirely high hardness and excellent wear resistance.
  3. Wire stripping blade is made by tungsten carbide material, excellent cutting performance, good wear resistance,   
  4. strength and toughness, good heat resistanceetc. Excellent properties.
  5. Tungsten carbide wire stripping blade is kept stable cutting performance even if working condition is under 500 or 1000℃.
  6. That's why the stripping blade is highly recommended to be your first choice.

Wire Stripping Machine Blades Function:

Replacement blades for wire stripping machine performance:

  • It has the characteristics of sharpness, wears resistance, and excellent toughness.
  • Tools made of tungsten steel are several times or dozens of times stronger than ordinary steel on the market.
  • It is the first choice to replace ordinary high-speed steel.

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