Why you choose our spare blades?

A professional replacement blades manufacturer in China integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

We provided various 9mm, 18mm, 25mm snap off, box cutter, utility knife blades, craft blades, trapezoidal blades, ceramic blades.

These spare blades constructed from high-quality carbon steel or tough SK-5 for smooth cutting without tears and rips.

Good for DIY projects, construction such as drywall, roofing, flooring, Industrial application, warehouses, factories, etc.

Customized your logo printed are available.

Hooked utility knife blades

Hooked Blades

Suitable for use with all standard fixed blade and retractable utility knives. They are extremely sharp to cut through almost any surface. ...

Trapezoidal utility knife blade

Trapezoidal Blade

Made from SK5, SK2 steel is well-built and durable. 10 pieces of blades packed in one box or utility blades with a dispenser for easy removal. ...

Single edge razor blade

Single edge razor blades

These Single edge razor blades offer high-quality steel in the most common single edge razor blade shape. ...

Window Scraper Blades

Scraper blades

These paint scraper blades are made with durable stainless steel that lasts longer than normal scraper blades. ...

Ceramic razor blade

Ceramic razor blades

Less blade changes compare as other material blade, it's very durable use. ...

18mm snap off blade

18mm Snap Off Blades

Quick-Point 18mm Snap-off knife blades, 100 pieces for 1 packaging units, easy to remove. ...

9mm snap off blade

9mm Snap Off Blades

Carbon Steel 9mm Snap-off knife blades, 13-segment, 9mm snap-off blades for general cutting use. ...

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