18mm snap off blades

18mm Snap Off Blades

18mm snap off blades feature:

The box cutter blade with 8 cutting points, snap-off easily, so that the blades remains sharp all the time.
Fits most 18mm snap-off blade knives.
Durable blade that holds an edge. Price is great.
100 Piece Snap-off Blades buy in bulk and Save.
The hard plastic case easily fits in any toolbox, drawer, or cabinet.
Carton Size: 41.5X25X13.5CM  4000 pieces blades.

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Quick-Point 18mm Snap-off knife blades

  • The 18mm utility knife blades use 100 pieces for 1 packaging units, safe type blade box, easy to remove.
  • 400 separate boxes are fixed in a master carton package.
  • Texture bright, wear-resistant and durable, sharp blades for saving time and effort.
  • Ideal for cutting cardboard, leather, linoleum, rope, soft metal, pipe, paper, suitable for most DIY projects.
  • Made from high-quality carbon steel. Ideal for construction and industrial applications with 8 cutting edges per blade.

Wholesale 18mm replacement blades, welcome to book it! 

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