Ceramic razor blades

Ceramic razor blades

Ceramic Razor Blades Feature:

The ceramic blades do not conduct electricity, non-magnetic, non-metallic.
Submicron grain structure yields keenest possible cutting edges.
The thick, durable blade is easier and safer to handle.
Lasts as long as 10 comparable carton steel, SK5 blades.
Less downtime and fewer injuries, Low coefficient of friction, high resistance to heat.
JC ceramic knife blades are oil and lubricant-free.
Blades are 100% recyclable.
5 or 10 pieces packed in a hard plastic case.

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Ceramic Razor Blade VS Steel

  • Less blade changes compare as other material blade, it's very durable use.
  • Lower cost and reduces chance of injuries, much safer than traditional metal blades!
  • Never rust even put the blades in the water few days.
  • Utility ceramic blades good for fine cutting, exchangeable box cutter.
  • Be more efficient and productive by spending less time changing blades.
  • These ceramic razor blades fit most standard utility knives!
  • Do not try to pry or cut hard objects to avoid chipping and breakage.

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