Scraper blades

Scraper Blades Feature:

Ideal tool for cleaning on a hard surface.
High-quality material providing the scrapers with enough strength to do various work.
Durable and not easy to get rusty, 4 Inch in total length.
Sturdy and sharp edges, long-lasting sharpness can reduce user fatigue.
Perfect for your different cutting needs and makes your cleaning easy.
Replacement box cutter blades easily to remove decals, stickers, wallpaper adhesive vinyl.
Widely fit in any standard razor scraper tools.
Be careful when replacing blades from scrapers and use with caution.

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Multi-purpose Razor Blades, 100 Pack

  • These paint scraper blades are made with durable stainless steel that lasts longer than normal scraper blades.
  • The super sharp cutting edge is ideal for removing paint, stickers, adhesive tape, silicones, and dried mud from hard surfaces.
  • Our window scraper blades can be wide fits all handheld paint scraper remover even on a hard surface.
  • Just what you need for your work. Each box contains 10 pieces packed with a plastic container for easy storage.

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