Trapezoidal Blade
Trapezoidal blade Ceramic Cutter Blade

Trapezoidal Blade

Trapezoidal Blade Feature:

Blade made of High carbon steel 60#, SK5 , SK2
Usage: Cutting cardboard, trimming, and other heavy duty work.
Blade Thickness: 0.60 mm
Blade Size: 60 x 31 x 19 mm
Customized: Yes, and could carve your logo on the blades

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The advantage of the Trapezoidal blade

  • Made from SK5, SK2 steel is well-built and durable: The electroplated blades are extremely sharp to cut faster and safer.
  • It's a solid material that you can push hard to cut strong carpet or boxes.
  • Suitable for most standard utility knives.
  • Precision-honed edge for consistent and life: Heat treated for strength and induction hardened for
  • longevity up to 75% longer-lasting life.
  • Flexible Packing:  10 pieces of blades packed in one durable plastic box or utility blades with a dispenser
  • for easy removal, and it allows you to grab one blade at a time safely.


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